Elancyl My Coach!

Elancyl My Coach!

The slimming care My Coach !, smoothes, tones and drains. It is formulated with MicroAlgae, caffeine and ivy. 89% of ingredients of natural origin.


Elancyl My Coach!


Elancyl My Coach! it is a rebellious anti-cellulite care that will multiply the effects of small physical efforts carried out on a daily basis such as walking, dancing, cycling, climbing stairs or going to the gym.


MicroAlgae Tisochrysis Lutea favors the activation of fat-burning adipocytes. Caffeine helps in fat storage. The ivy extract strengthens the skin's elasticity and firmness, when combined with massage, promotes physiological drainage and the elimination of toxins.


The skin becomes smoother , firm and toned with visible results in 7 days.

Directions for Use

Apply Elancyl My Coach care once a day! Massage for about 1 minute and get dressed. In the Slim Coach application, free training is available. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not apply to irritated skin.

an all-round pioneer Staying slim, recovering your silhouette, improving skin tone, smoothing out dimpled skin. For over 40 years ELANCYL has been a pioneer and expert brand for body and slimming. Always leader, ELANCYL offers women targeted solutions and innovative skin care. Always at the forefront, ELANCYL paves the way with formulas of unique efficacy.
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