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Comodynes My Radiance Scrub 225g

Comodynes My Radiance Scrub 225g

Comodynes My Radiance Scrub is a professional tan prep body scrub. Clinically and dermatologically tested.

Comodynes My Radiance Scrub 225g


Comodynes My Radiance Scrub is a care that prepares the skin before tanning for a smoother and brighter result. It also increases the duration of the tan, removes dead cells from the epidermis, moisturises and prevents sagging. The combination of soothing and softening active ingredients allows its application on both body and face.


Comodynes My Radiance Scrub has a delicious formula with natural ingredients based on:
- Sucrose Crystals and Rice Starch, with exfoliating action. The Sucrose Crystals help remove dead skin cells, leaving the skin cleaner and smoother while the Rice Starch removes dead skin cells, deep cleans pores, softens and smoothes the skin.
- Shea Butter, exerts a moisturizing, nourishing, emollient, repairing, healing and soothing action.
- Tiaré flowers macerated in Coconut Oil, an exotic oil, provide a moisturizing, firming, soothing and calming action.
With a pleasant summer scent.


Smooth, even and hydrated skin.

Consumed Use

Apply Comodynes My Radiance Scrub 1 to 2 times a week before tanning.

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