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Lierac Body-Slim Cryoative Cryoative 150ML

Lierac Body-Slim Cryoative Concentrate 150ml

Lierac Body-Slim Cryoative Concentrate is an anti-cellular career, which smooths the skin "orange peel" and refirms the skin.
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Lierac Body-Slim Cryoative Concentrate 150ml


Lierac Body-Slim Cryoative Concentrate It's an anti-cellular concentrated care , which smoothes, refirms and acts on cellulite installed. Inspired by the cryolipolysis technique (non-evasive aesthetic treatment, which helps eliminate body fat located through freeze of fat cells) this cryoatic gel of lierac provides an action treatment Slutty mimicking the effects of criolipolysis. With draining action, it stimulates fat elimination and helps effectively reduce cellulite installed and more visible. It promotes the reduction of skin flaccidity, while moisturizing and smoothing the skin. Texture "orange peel" more smoothed in 7 days. For all kinds of skin with cellulite intalada.


Lierac Body-Slim Cryoative Concentrate It has a fresh texture, with Cryative action, with a subtle flora fragrance. Formulated with a combination of caffeine-ginger complex - with high slicing properties and antigender action; WTB system - burns fats and eliminates stored fats; Pririsin - With the effect of cryolipolysis technique , which in synergy slims and reduce cellulite.


Latest, refirmed skin and adelgada. Usage advice

Apply Lierac Body-Slim Cryoative Concentrate , daily, in body zones with cellulite, with curcular massages and vigorous.

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